Plexidor UK Dog Doors  Large - Wall Mount

Plexidor UK Dog Doors Large - Wall Mount

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  • Probably the most indestructible dog doors
  • Made up of heavy duty materials to support large dog breeds
  • No serious training is required for initial use
  • Manufactured using unbreakable high impact acrylic panels
  • Closes gently by itself with minimal noise
  • Full replacement or refund offered within 14 days of purchase
  • Inclusive of a 5-year residential warranty 

<p><strong>Measurement:</strong><br>Opening: 40.5cm x 29.6cm (16"h x 11.75"w)<br></p>
<p>Cut Hole: 45.1cm x (17.75"h x 14.25"w){interior hole} 48.3cm x 36.8 cm (19"x 14.5") {exterior hole}. Exterior dimensions are slightly larger as the 'tunnel' is angled downwards to allow rainwater to drain out rather than in.</p>
<p>Overall: 48.8cm x 41.8cm (19.25"h x 16.5"w)</p>


It is difficult to contain large dog breeds inside the house. With their strong urge to go outdoors and without proper training, they have the tendency to become destructive. One way to prevent this attitude is to allow them to safely go outside whenever they need to.

Sturdy and Reliable

They will need a reliable and sturdy passage like PlexiDor Dog Door dog panels large enough for them to get through. Having a weight capacity of up to 45 kg and an opening measurement of 298mm x 406mm, PlexiDor Large Wall Unit will surely enable your paw friends to easily access the outdoors with just a gentle push. It is perfect for dog breeds weighing up to 45 kg such as Labradors, golden retrievers, collies, Doberman, and bulldogs.

Easy Access

Because it is so easy to use, it will take no time for your pet to learn how to go in and out of the house using the PlexiDor Dog Door. No major training is needed since their instinct will tell them to search for an easy way out, in which the PlexiDor pet door plays a very important role.

Lasting Door Panels

The PlexiDor Large Wall Unit is created to exceed your expectation as a dog owner. Made to last, its high impact acrylic panels are almost impossible to break and undeniably chew-proof.

Reduces Dog Stress and Risks

Even if your dog runs in a hurry, the chance of being hurt in between doors are near to zero since the PlexiDor dog panel closes gently. Although it has a strong and sturdy frame, it runs smoothly and causes minimal sound whenever being used.  Your dogs won’t get startled and it will reduce the stress that usual dog doors often cause.

Refund Guaranteed

All PlexiDor products are covered under the 5-year residential warranty or you can get a full replacement or refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.


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