The top Dog Doza beds: Which is best for your pup?

Your dog is your best friend and naturally, you want only the best for your four-legged friend. At Dogvis, we share this passion and specialise in a range of dog beds that offer added comfort and luxury to dogs.

Featuring high-quality fabric, exceptional waterproof layers and easy maintenance, our range of handmade dog beds from Dog Doza is a great option for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The beds are resistant against dirt, stains, mould, mildew, hair and odour, making them highly durable and easy to maintain.

The Dog Doza beds are also fire retardant and comply with the Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety Regulations Act 1988. These pet beds are all made in the UK and available in a variety of colours, fabrics and designs, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

With these many benefits, a Dog Doza bed is a great choice. But which dog bed is the right one for your dog? Let’s explore the different options:

Different Types of Dog Doza Dog Beds

With so many choices available, choosing the right dog bed can be a challenge, but it gets easier when you understand the different types. Depending on the size, age and sleeping style of your pup, the following should help you zero-in on the perfect option:

Waterproof Beds

Dogs love water. And while that means fun days at the beach or pool, it can also lead to soggy and smelly dog beds. To avoid this, you need a waterproof bed. Waterproof beds can work in two ways: The bed can have a waterproof base, which means it will stay sturdy and protect your floors from any leakage. Or the bed can feature a waterproof lining, which can help to prevent water and urine from soaking into the bed’s filling. Some beds also have weather-resistant covers, which make them perfect for outdoor use. Either way, these beds are easy to keep clean and maintain.

Memory Foam Beds

Whether your dog struggles with muscle and joint aches or you simply want to spoil your pup with something luxurious, a memory foam dog bed is a great option. These beds are made with extra layers of high-density foam that improve the bed’s viscosity and density. This offers benefits that relaxes the joints, distributes weight evenly, and supports the back and neck.

Travel Beds

For extensive portability and security when on the road, having a specially designed travel bed for your dog will ensure your pup feels comfortable and safe. With thicker cushioning and waterproof materials, these lightweight and compact beds are a great option for any type of travel. Most are also foldable and come with sturdy handles for easy carrying.

Cushion and Sofa Beds

For added comfort, a cushion or sofa bed is ideal. These beds feature added padding for extra support and come with raised walls that cushion your dog's head. They are also great for nesting and cooler nights when more warmth is required. These beds are perfect for dogs that require added comfort.

Now that you have an idea of which type of beds are available, let’s look at some of the top Dog Doza beds in the UK to choose from:

The Top Dog Doza beds made in the UK

  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Memory Foam Settee 
Dog Doza - Waterproof Memory Foam Settee


Durability and comfort are the top design features of this bed. Any size dog will have ample space for easy manoeuvrability. Thanks to its anti-bacterial fabric, maintenance is also made easy. It features padded walls for comfortable nesting and curling up.


  1. Memory Foam SLAB Dog Beds

 Dog Doza - Memory Foam SLAB Dog Beds


Senior and overweight dogs can have a hard time falling and staying asleep. Luckily, with memory foam beds such as this one, they can enjoy more comfort. This bed offers anatomical support, while relieving pressure points. Other highlights include top waterproof quality, hair and odour-resistance, durability and high density.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Active Memory Foam CRUMB

Dog Doza - Waterproof Active Memory Foam CRUMB


If your dog enjoys swimming or rolling around outside, this waterproof bed is a great pick. Not only is it machine-washable, but it also features a flea and tick-resistant fabric. The perfect blend of soft yet firm material makes it comfortable for a good night’s rest for any size and type of dog.   


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof 100% Memory Foam CRUMB Mattress Beds

 Dog Doza - Waterproof 100% Memory Foam CRUMB Mattress Beds

 Looking for more luxury? This dog bed is ideal. With its opulent memory foam crumb filling and colourful waterproof cover, this bed offers the needed support and comfort all pups deserve. Added benefits include easy washing and maintenance, and material that is eco-friendly.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Round Memory Foam CRUMB Beds

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Round Memory Foam CRUMB Beds

Made from durable PU-coated fabric and featuring memory foam, this round bed is thick and sturdy, making it ideal for dogs who like to nest.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Dog Bolster Bed Mats - Zip Off Covers 

Dog Doza - Waterproof Dog Bolster Bed Mats - Zip Off Covers 

This waterproof dog bolster mat is simple but incredibly practical. It offers premium comfort and durability, thanks to its hard-wearing polyester material. It features a removable cover that is easy to clean, stylish and has enough warmth to keep your dog cosy throughout the year.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Cushion Memory Foam Crumb Beds 

Dog Doza - Waterproof Cushion Memory Foam Crumb Beds

This cushion memory foam bed is tough, fits just about anywhere, and has just enough thickness to protect your dog’s delicate joints and bones.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Cushion Beds 

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Cushion Beds

Cushion beds like this one, are best for jumpy dogs that love their space and enjoy a softer sleep. For added comfort, it has a bounce-back effect due to the high loft fibre filling. It is thicker than most beds and comes with a smooth, but tough surface.


  1. Dog Doza - Box Border Beds

Dog Doza - Box Border Beds

Like most beds on our list, this border bed is smooth and comfortable, thanks to its tough, durable fabric and unique box-like design. Cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp cloth, giving you the easiest time during maintenance.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Mattress Beds - Polybonded

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Mattress Beds - Polybonded

Getting an orthopaedic mattress for your dog prevents discomfort, arthritis and other structural ailments. For bigger and more senior dogs, this bed is perfect as it offers box-spring construction and medical-grade foam that ensure improved blood circulation, relaxed joints and quality sleep.


  1. Waterproof Oval Beds For Baskets - Memory Foam CRUMB

 Waterproof Oval Beds For Baskets - Memory Foam CRUMB

With the ability to blend in perfectly in any space, this oval bed has a desirable structure that offers enhanced portability and maintenance. The tough denier fabric ensures added durability, while its shape makes it ideal for dog houses, crates and kennels. 


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Oval Beds For Baskets

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Oval Beds For Baskets

This bed is very easy to maintain. Both the inner filling bag and outer cover can be washed and is detachable for added convenience. The size and shapes make it ideal for plastic and wicker beds and crates.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Sofa Beds  - Lots More Room

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Sofa Beds - Lots More Room

The walled basket design of this bed provides ample space for all sizes of dogs. Resembling a small pool float, this waterproof bed can fit into the back of the car making it ideal for all your travelling needs. It features a removable cushion for easy cleaning.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Crate / Cage Mats - Zip Off Covers 

 Dog Doza - Waterproof Crate / Cage Mats - Zip Off Covers

Travelling with your dog can be a challenge. But not with this bed. With its unique design and flatter base, it is ideal for crates and travelling kennels to offer your dog extra comfort. It is also waterproof to avoid any spills or messes while on the road.


  1. Dog Doza - Waterproof Roll Up Travel / Boot Mats 

Dog Doza - Waterproof Roll Up Travel - Boot Mats

With a soft padded, comfy and portable design, this roll-up travel mat is an ideal and quick solution for your everyday traveling needs with your pup. It features sturdy straps and sewn-in handles that make it easy to roll up, carry and store.

Offer your dog a comfortable night’s rest with a Dog Doza bed

It is worth noting that quality dog beds are more of an essential than a luxury. Dogs can struggle with achy muscles, bone and joint pains too, which require extra support and comfort. And they require plenty of comfortable sleep to ensure general health and wellbeing. Therefore, if you’re looking for a dog bed, you have to consider all the features that make it perfect for your pup. From convenient waterproof beds to luxurious memory foam options, there is an ideal pet bed for your furry friend. Find it on our list of the best Dog Doza Beds in the UK!

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