The Plexidor Dog Door: Key Things To Consider Before Buying

For the last 30 years, PlexiDor has been leading or takeing part in a vigorous campaign for social, political, or religious changes for pets. 

The PlexiDor dog door product is one of the most important developments of a team that has worked very closely with pet owner’s requirement around the World to design and engineer a strong, safe and energy efficient pet door and the result is a good product you can also depend on for many years of trouble-free use for your pets.

The wall mount installation can be done either by yourself or if you are confident home handyman also you can take help from a local contractor or handyman.

The door mount series of pet doors are designed for installation into any standard exterior household door. This door series can be installed into the doors which are made of wood, fiberglass, steel and different types of glass.

  • You can choose door size for your dog according to their breeds and door size match also.

When you are going to buy Plexidor, first always choose the size for your breed. When you are going  to purchase the “PlexiDor Door Series” and “Wall Series “. Mainly pet doors are available in four sizes, they are  Small (SM), Medium (MD), Large (LG) and Extra Large (XL). You can have a size of your breed which can easily fit to them.

  • The Plexidor is one of the top models of the line door for your pets, and we can also categorize the different Plexidor like small size is perfectly fit for cats and even for some extra small dogs like chihuahua’s or Yorkies.
  • The medium size Plexidor is great for most dogs up to 40-45 lbs like Terriers and Beagles, and even some larger cats which can’t fit in small Plexidor.
  • Our large Plexidor dog door is going to fit for larger dogs like German Shepherds or Boxers up to about 100 lbs, they can easily use this Plexidor according to their size.
  • For your giant dogs, you are going to need an Extra Large Plexidor which is having more space. For dogs up to 200 lbs, like Great Danes, Newfoundland’s, or Irish Wolfhounds.
  • The electronic Plexidor is one of the best choices of customer also and if you are looking for an electronic door for medium to large breed dogs also cats and small dogs can still use it. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is a great choice for your small or medium-sized cats controlling Plexidor who comes in but anyone can leave to them.
  • This is one of another great option for most small to medium sized kitties and can give you a little more control over who comes and leaves. In this dog door can be controlled easily and monitored remotely. If you know when your pets are coming and going, it does not matter where you are! It is great for cats and small dogs.
  • For larger cats, and small dogs, the “SureFlap Microchip” Pet Door is a very nice idea to go with a curfew mode and anti raccoon mode. One thing you have to keep in mind that manufactured should be strong, good, safe and energy efficient. It should provide superior draft control.

 Some features of superior draft control door.

  • It opens with a gentle push & automatically closes tightly without banging.
  • It can be installed into stud, block, brick or cement exterior walls up to 12 inch thick.
  • It can also include an aluminum tunnel that connects to the interior and exterior frame very easily.

 Installation of the Plexidor dog doors. There are many PetSafe Doors which you can install in your home. These doors consist of double – flap system insulates for energy efficiency, some doors have the aluminum frame with durable plastic tunnel extension.

Some more features of installations are:

  • Automatic Lock options to keep unwanted visitors outside of the door.
  • Programmable settings to lock and unlock your dog door whether it is day and night.
  • Durable draft reducing flaps which is very easy to use.
  • IT works seamlessly with the invisible fence brand computer collar.
  • Choosing a Dog Door and why dog doors are better.

It can be overawed when choosing a new pet door also there are many pet doors that are better than others based on the situation and location which depends on your requirements.

You might want to spend a bit more on high-quality pet doors but that will last for your pet’s entire lifetime or you might need a quick fix for a temporary situation. But if you are installing a good dog door through your garage or home you might have different concerns than if you are installing one in your living room also.

The dog door is very flexible consists of more security which is not easy to break, long lasting, energy efficient and brings more comfort to your pets. Indestructible PlexiDor Dog Doors are manufactured to provide years of trouble-free use and feature a maximum year warranty as possible.

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