About Us

 The idea of starting our own business came up from our own experience while we were enjoying life with our beloved dogs. At our family, we had already raised 5 dogs and the most of the products we were buying online and noticed, that the quality and variety of offered products doesn’t satisfy our needs, the customer service and shopping experience are quite poor. That is why we started our own e-shop and offer our clients exceptional customer service with the premium quality products and affordable prices.

Our values that we follow:

  • Exceptional customer service. We can advise on the best product for your dog from our own experience. We typically respond within 1 business day, but usually, we’re much quicker. If you don’t find the product you need, just let us know at info@dogvis.com and we’ll take care of it.
  • Affordable prices. We always keep an eye on the updates and news in the pet market, as we use these products ourselves, therefore can we can offer the finest products with affordable prices.
  • We do offer 14 days money back guarantee, as we want to make sure that you and your dog surely enjoys the product you’ve acquired. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality or have any other issue with the purchase, let us know and we guarantee a full refund or product exchange.
  • We offer free shipping for the orders over £25.
  • We are constantly helping local animal shelters by providing free products for special occasions. Our visits are always greeted as we’re passionate and feel responsible helping the animals, that currently doesn’t have a host who would take care of them.
  • We help you save your time by ordering out our shop. Ordering process will take only a few minutes and then you can sit back and relax your order will arrive within up to 3 - 7 working days.
  • We are constantly reviewing the products that we're selling by gathering responses from our customers, so we could offer only the premium quality product for your pets. What is more, we are always looking for new trends in the market in order to offer the latest dog supply products.


Company Name:  Vertus Media LTD
Registration Number: 10548130
Company Address: Please contact us for returns, this is office address: [House Number Removed] Argyle Rd, London 
E-Mail: info@dogvis.com
Phone: +44 203 0953934