Plexidor UK Dog Doors  X-Large - Wall Mount

Plexidor UK Dog Doors X-Large - Wall Mount

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  • Promotes industrial nylon pile weather seal technology to save your power consumption up to 10%
  • Having frames built using dense aluminium material
  • Color selection available to match your home
  • Composed of a 1 cm thick high impact acrylic that can withstand harsh conditions 
  • Protecting your home with a steel security plate with superior lock key system
  • Enabling free return for any defect for as long as five years

Opening: 40.5cm x 60.1cm (23.75"h x 16"w)
Cut Hole: 45.5cm x 63.5cm (25"h x 18"w)
Overall: 67.8cm x 52.1cm (26.75"hx 20.5"w) 

Extra Large Breeds like Great Danes, Saint Bernard, and Old English Sheepdogs are already difficult to maintain, due to their enormous size. Just imagine them banging your door with excitement can already be terrifying as it may wreak havoc on your doors and belongings. It is always best to provide them with their own door unit where they can easily get through without a fuss.

Energy Saving

Extra large dog doors are often associated with high energy consumption however, with the PlexiDor Dog Door Extra Large Wall Unit, the heat is trapped and sealed inside the house as soon as the door is closed. All the edges are tight fitting and high-dense as it uses an industrial nylon pile weather seal which provides total insulation. You’ll notice through your bills that almost 10% of the usual consumption is reduced as compared to having a usual dog door panel.

With Chew Proof Aluminium Trim

The larger the breed, the more they’d want to chew on everything that they see, including the door panels. With PlexiDor’s Dog Door indestructible panels, this can be prevented as your pets would not be able to break the trims or crack the panels doors.   

Classy and Stylish

Because PlexiDor Dog Door Extra Large unit has a wide frame, different color variations were made available to complement your home’s interior and exterior design. You can choose from white, silver and bronze depending on your own preference.

Heavy Duty

PlexiDor Dog Door Extra Large Wall units are made for breeds with up to 100 kg of body weight. As it’s strong and dense, you’ll be able to use the installation for years without worrying about any replacements. It’s panel doors are made of 1 cm sheet of high impact acrylic which is more durable and advantageous compared to other thermo-pane panel doors.  

Key Lock System

The wall units are inclusive of a Steel Security Plate with a cylinder lock key system which enhances the security of your home. Extra large wall units are wide enough for burglars to use for breaking and entering, thus you’ll need to be more cautious and put the security plate at times so that no unwanted intruders can get in.

Five Year Residential Warranty Provided

Aside from the top qualities listed above, the PlexiDor Dog Door Extra Large Wall Unit offers a 5-year warranty period which includes the return shipping cost. It only shows that the brand has already established customer satisfaction for over 27 years in the dog door panel industry.


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