Plexidor UK Dog Doors  Small Wall Mount

Plexidor UK Dog Doors Small Wall Mount

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  • Probably the most indestructible dog doors
  • Uses dual thermopane panels that enables easy, smooth access
  • With shatter-resistant panels with solid hard aluminum frames
  • 4-way lock system that can be set from the inside
  • Tightly sealed to trap the heat inside your home
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Free return or refund within 14 days of purchase

Opening: 18.5cm x 16.5cm (7.25"h x 6.5"w)
Cut Hole: 21.5cm x 21.5cm (8.50"h x 8.50"w)
Overall: 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10"h x 10"w)

Give your little furry friends a taste of freedom with Plexidor Small Wall Unit installation. Perfect for cats and toy dog breeds, this panel door wall unit can give them the safety and security that they need whenever they want to go outdoors.

Safe and Gentle

The dual thermopane panels open and close gently, avoiding accidents of being caught in between doors. It is recommended for cats up to 11kg and small dogs up to 4kg. It is specially made to provide smooth, easy access by enabling your little pals to exit and enter with the slightest push on the door.

No Replacement Flap Needed  

The PlexiDor Dog Door Small Wall Unit is composed of the same high-density materials used in large PlexiDors such as the shatter-resistant panels and hardened aluminum frames. Regardless of the unit size, the durability remains the same across the brand which saves you from the hassle of replacing with costly vinyl flaps.

Lock the Way You Want It

In addition, PlexiDor Dog Door Small features a 4-way lock that can be set depending on your preference thus giving you an absolute peace of mind whenever you leave the house. You can choose whether your pet can access from the inside, outside or both. It can also be locked completely, making your home safe from any unwanted intruders all day long. 

Keeping Your Pet Warm and Cozy

As compared to other pet door panels, the PlexiDor Dog Door Small Wall Unit promotes high energy efficiency by incorporating a “double glazing” effect on its panels. Its high-density nylon pile seals tightly, preventing the heat to escape and maintaining the temperature and humidity inside your home. It’s definitely a smart buy for fur parents who want to give maximum comfort to their pets while trying to save on the monthly power consumption. The panels are also lightly tinted and serve as a see-through window for your little playful breeds.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Most importantly, PlexiDor Dog Doors comes with a 5-year residential warranty. For any defects within five years of purchase, Plexidor Small can be shipped-in for repair or replacement. You’ll even get to have a 14-day money back guarantee to assure you of 100% satisfaction upon use. This only proves that PlexiDor Dog Doors is a superior brand when it comes to pet door panels.


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