P&L Premium Memory Foam Dog Mattresses

P&L Premium Memory Foam Dog Mattresses

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P&L premium memory foam dog mattress is 12.5cm thickness and filled with Visco 40 Elastic Memory Foam. Ideal for, Older & Arthritic dogs, eliminating pressure points on a dog's joints.


  • Removable Zip Fastening
  • Fully Machine Washable Cover
  • Waterproof Lined to protect Mattress filler & Reduce Odours.
  • Hardwearing Furnishing Grade Quality Faux Suede Materials used on cover.
  • Spare Covers Available.

Available in 2 Sizes:
Regular L 101 cm X W 76 cm X D 12.5 cm
Jumbo L 137 cm X W 91 cm X D 12.5 cm
(All measurements given are subject to slight variations due to manufacturing process)

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