PetzPodz Low Voltage Dog Pod Heater/Thermostate Kit

PetzPodz Low Voltage Dog Pod Heater/Thermostate Kit

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Low voltage touch screen heated under blanket is a revolutionary design for keeping your petz warm and happy during colder weather without costing you a small fortune. Can be placed into your petzpod or under an existing bed to provide safe and controlled comfort, similar to under floor heating found in some homes. This unit uniquely combines a padded layer, LED backlit touch screen controlled therapeutic heat and a chew resistant safety cord which also prevents bunching. Year-round, you'll find it's great for all kinds of pets. Smart, low voltage therapeutic heat that relaxes all petz, relieves sore muscles and provides soothing comfort for a healthier and happier petz. Features: Low voltage (DC 24 V), alarm for high temperature (over heating protection), multiple applications and power consumption less than 3W. Available in large size.

Box Contains

1 x PetzPodz Low Voltage Pet Safe Heat Pad


Digital LCD screen
Touch screen panel key control
Manual and automatic operation mode
Simple operation for temperature monitoring/control
Built-in memory and key lock

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