PetzPodz Dog Pod

PetzPodz Dog Pod

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PetzPodz dog pods are the worlds first replicated den environment for puppies and dogs. Dog pod replicates the natural curve or 'c' shape in a den area created by wild social canines when creating a dark den with a small entrance in the wilderness.

The PetzPodz 'dog pod' is ideal for adult dogs that are already trained and do not require securing from the outside. The front insert decreases the front opening providing a darker secure den. The acrylic flap allows the dog extra security and can be easily removed if not required.

PetzPodz will be instantly recognised by your puppy or dog as a safe and calm area when needing time out. PetzPodz are a valuable tool to help solve behavioural problems in adolescent and more mature dogs. PetzPodz are endorsed by behavioural specialists and dog rescue centres countrywide .

Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for house trained and mature dogs
  • Creates a unique "Den" environment to help calm and de-stress your Dog
  • Eliminates anxiety related 'night crying' normally associated with crates and cages
  • Ventilation via air vents and drainage holes in the base for air circulation and easy cleaning
  • Double insulated wall kept cosy in the winter and cool during summer
  • Made using UV stabilized moulded plastic to ensure many years of fade free us
  • Tried, tested, recommended and used daily by the UK's top vets, Rescues and Behavioural specialists
  • No assembly required
  • Made in the UK and built to last a lifetime
  • Patented changing fronts, PetzPodz can mature with your dog ensuring longevity of use

Sizes available:

Medium - A: 800 x B: 803 x C: 687mm
Large - A: 974 x B: 966 x C: 820mm

Medium PetzPodz 16.5kg
Large PetzPodz 18kg

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