Aspen Dog Grow With Me Elevated Feeder

Aspen Dog Grow With Me Elevated Feeder

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This Aspen Pet branded elevated dog bowl will grow with your pup, from first meals to fully grown adult. The legs insert to the bowl housing to lift the bowl as your dog grows.


The Aspen Pet Grow with Me Elevated Feeder is the only feeder you will need for your dog’s whole life!
It is recommended that as your dog grows, their feeder height should increase as well
This will prevent your dog from having to bend to access their food and water, and helpsalleviate discomfort and digestive issues
Easy to insert variable height legs allow the height to grow from 7.5cm to 20cm to 34cm
2 x 54 ounce stainless steel bowls are removable and are dishwasher friendly
Stylish design will tie in with any decor
Made in the USA
Color: Silver
Carton Measures: 49 x 28 x 13 cm

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